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Guide PC210 thermal camera - (anyone) <=(I am) familiar with this device?

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I've found this device as an alternative for UTi 260b, with similar price and specs. Anyone can say something it? Is it better than UTi?
Uni-t is hard to find at a moment, so I'm looking for alternative.

Sadly no one has tested that camera and reported its performance on this forum.

This question was asked by another forum member recently…. No response so he bought a UTi260B.


Thank You.

Because I could not wait (usual stroke of impatience) i have decided to purchase PC210 from Eleshop. Other reason was that quite reputable local supplier of industrial measuring equipment rebrands devices from this manufacturer.

First of all, it seems that there is no manual with tech specs of the camera - so what we know is it's resolution (256x192).
Camera works with 25 fps (or at last, with much better speed than 10fps).

Comparing to (what I know about ) UTi260b only drawback I've noticed is lack of multiple measuring points with user-defined location. Here we have only one central point.

But there's one thing that probably does not exist in UTi260b - mode, where user can fix temperature ranges (eg. 10..20 degrees), and the camera won't adjust range autoamatically - this should help in case of comparison of different objects.

Camera works through USB as webcam.

Hope it hepls.


I also bought the Guide PC210 from Eleshop and am very happy with the IR camera. It's really ready in 2-3 seconds after turning it on.

I noticed two things that aren't working properly.

1. In M mode, the scaling of the temperature scale on the right is wrong.
2. All the programs I tested, except PotPlayer, have the webcam image upside down and mirrored

For macro shots I constructed a lens holder for D20mm/FL50.8mm ZnSe focus lenses (similar to the holder from the Eleshop).


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