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Guide Sensmart PF210 & KaiWeets KTI-K01


I noticed the KTI-K01 is a clone of the PF210. Also that both are running android.
Couple of questions.
Has anyone tried flashing either of these with a custom FW?
Unclear on how to get either to take video.

I am working on a few solutions to connect these devices to a MacOs Mx. Should have that worked out shortly.

Also, interested in others findings for these two cameras (are their other clones of this devices?)
Let's get hacking.

Found another BTMeter PF210. Seems like we are on the path to a very hackable deployment device.

All these devices seem to be android based with minimal customization to the brands.

I have a pf210.
I just found the kaiweets device.
based on the description, pictures, and videos, they are so similar that I am not even sure if one of them is a copy. rather the same product with a different brand name. from the production line of a real manufacturer.
my search also started because of the video recording, although I'm not that good at individual android devices.
My only thought was to install a screen recording app. I would be happy with this standard, I will cut the video afterwards.
but unfortunately, without knowledge, I can't get ahead.
but did you find the secret / developer menu?
if that helps.
Hello, Roland from Hungary


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