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A bit late, but there is a review now.

i'm exactly in the same position right now trying to devide between 260B and PC210.

When comparing the stills from the video of Eleshop, it seems to me like a nobrainer to pick the PC210 over the 260B for the sheer image-quality difference.
I wonder if its really THAT better despite the same resolution?


Bill W:
Looks more that Guide have bothered to focus the lens - or got lucky !
The Uni-T (as with the Flir-One) is 'focussed' by that well known method of 'screw in well tight'.

There are always differences in how much sharpening is applied in software, and how much reliance is placed on the 'image fusion' side.  A similar effect might be if the Uni-T is in 'fusion' with the visible light camera blocked off.

Neither seem to have a ready way to refocus the final camera.


Actually, it seems that in latest firmware from Infiray (producing similar microbolometer), they are now using Machine Learning to sharpen the images - we can see OpenCV being loaded at device start.
It is most likely what they are using something similar in Guide PC210 for their SharpIR technology too :

UNI-T 260B most likely does not include ML as it was released quite a "long" time ago.

From the footage above. the GuideSensesmart PC210 unit does look better and one precarious edge defection feature they have in place.   :popcorn:

Quite a lineup.. I take one of these IR 1024x768.
(Anybody' wanna buy a kidney)

but Ai enhancement can make quite a difference.
Example after I processed a picture a year or two back..


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