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Dear All,

My name is Axel, I'm 54. I'm a newbie in the forum.

I'm looking for a not too expensive thermal imager for both house heat leak detection and for electronic repair.

I live in France. I originally was about to order a Uni-Trend Uni-T 260b thermal imager from a local reseller in Netherlands but all the ones he had are sold out and there is a 3 month waiting period.

But he proposed to me an equivalent model which has just appeared on the market from a brand I did not know :
The model is  Guide-IR PC210

I've been looking for tests on this new unit but I cannot find any yet. Since it's (for me) a quite heavy investment I'm looking for advice about it.
Has anyone you know tested it ? How is it compared to the Uni-T 260b ?

For information, my needs are the following :
 - 256x192 Infrared resolution
 - 50cm minimal focus distance
 - Attachable to a kodak style screw stand. I need to attach it to an overhead stand (pointing down) on my workbench
 - Be able to live stream and record video to a PC via USB.
 - minus 20 to +500°C sensitivity

Thank you for any information !

Best regards

I believe this camera contains one of the new miniature TIMO 256 cores from Guide Sensmart.

As to image quality when compared to the UTi260B…. Sadly I have not seen real world images from the PC210 camera with which to compare.


You might also want to look at other Uni-T offerings ? The UTi220A is said to be the UTi260B under a different number if this post is accurate….


Hi Axel,

Did you get the PC210? If so, what are your thoughts on it?


Hello everybody,

Finally, not having found any serious information or tests on the PC210 I did not order it.

Instead I ordered a UNI-T Uti260B, whose tests and reviews proved to me that it would comply to my expectations :
- Live PC streaming
- 256x192 IR resolution
- 25 FPS
- 1/4" screw mount adapter

I'll let you know what I think of it when I receive it.

Best regards


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