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For some time I want to handle a thermal camera, and I think it is time.

My main use will be to detect cryptic birds, for example, birds the size of a pigeon to 20-30 meters away. Another possible use is to detect the presence of small birds in cavities to 10-15 meters.

I'm thinking about two possibilities, the Therm-app or Thermal Expert. Could you advise me which model and which lens could be more successful? some idea of another model or manufacturer?

The idea is to detect the presence of birds and locate correctly over the image to study their distribution. I do not care get super sharp images, but if I would like to distinguish between two neighboring individuals.

Thanks and regards

Do you have a budget?

Thank you Chanc3,

I do not have a budget. My intention is to spend as little as possible. But I do not want to throw money on something useless, I would to have enough guarantees of success.

Best regards
Marcos Otero

Here are 3 chickens at ~10 meters. and again at ~5 meters

The first was processed and re-saved using flir tools mobile, to remove the cross hairs. It also seems to have resized the image.
The second is straight from the camera.
You can use flir tools or flir tools mobile ti probe further.

Taken with my E4+

This is a great article I saw a while back about infrared bird watching using the Therm-App, Seek, and FLIR One gen1.  Out of those three, the Therm-App is the only real choice.  However, the i3 Thermal Expert could be just as effective givin their similar specs and interchangeable lenses.  For the Therm-App, you might want to use the 19mm lens, or even the 35mm if you can swing the extra $750.


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