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Does anyone have Hikmicro B20 camera here on forum? I was searching for infiray C210 camera, but its not anymore in production, so they advise me for C200 PRO, but infiray response and tehnical support was not good and detailed, so i was looking further and look for Uni-t uti260B and similar... And at the end I order Hikmicro B20 from my local distributor. Price was 720 euro and delivery is 2-3 weeks. So i openanyhis topic to collect useful informations and everything that somebody have. I will give my review when i get it and i will draw and upload .stl for macro lens holder too.

Hikmicro = Hikvision :)

This thread may be of interest to you as I would expect the build quality to be the same. The electronics design may also be similar.


So overall this camera is blessed by you and pass the test  ;D
When i get mine I will post pictures, videos and info for other.

The Hikvision thermal camera that I have been looking at is certainly well designed and built   :-+
The Fever Detection version that I have tested is not standard in terms of frame rate so I cannot comment on that side of things.


hikmicro is attached to the parent company hikvision, both of them have very good marketing strategies. Actually hikmicro products need to be more stable in system and algorithm.


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