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Hikvision DS-2TP31 series Thermal Camera Teardown

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The Patient : Hikvision DS-2TP31 series, working but subject of a Teardown

The Task : To teardown the camera and assess its design, quality and potential for reconfiguration.

Will there be pictures ? .... you bet there will  :-+

Can the Fever Detection camera version be changed to the standard model with greater temperature measurement capability ? ..... Maybe, we will have to see.


I recently highlighted that a chap on eBay is selling the Hikvison DS-2TP31B Fever Detection cameras for an excellent price of around £60 plus £10 postage. (he is still selling them) So for £70 you get a camera that normally retails at around £1K ! A bargain ? Well that very much depends upon whether the camera still provides what you need. It has to be a good fit to your tasking otherwise it would be better to buy something like a UTi260B or the lower resolution but lower cost UTi120S. More about what the Hikvision camera offers in terms of temperature measurement later.

I was interested in the DS-2TP31B camera as I wanted to know how the claimed measurement accuracy of +/-0.5C between 30C and 45C had been achieved. I was also interested to know what imaging core the camera contained as its 160 x 120 pixel resolution did not seem to fit the current market favourites from Infiray (IRAY) or Guide Sensmart. I doubted that the core was a FLIR Lepton and some investigation suggested that it is most likely a Hikvision 'in-house' core.

I now have the opportunity to look inside the DS-2TP31B camera and the owner has given me permission to document the teardown on this forum  :-+ I am pessimistic with regard to reconfiguring the cameras firmware as I suspect this Fever Detection camera may differ in hardware to that of the standard DS-2TP31 model in order to achieve the greater measurement accuracy. I will see what I can discover in the OS though. This camera needs to still be working when I return it to its owner so I am limited in how far I can go with a teardown and changes to the firmware. I need to be careful with it !

So without further comment, lets get to the teardown.

The first question asked by many who look at this and the Uni-T cameras is "how do I open the casing ?" The answer is... with care and patience ! These cameras usually have a number of hidden screws securing the case halves. There are normally at least two screws in the bottom of the handle, hidden behind rubber covers, and a number of screws hidden behind the LCD display window. The display window is normally attached to the cameras case with the same sort of strong double sided tape used on mobile phone screens. To remove the plastic display screen you need to warm its perimeter with a hair dyer whilst taking great care to not overheat and warp the screen plastic or camera casing. A screen removal sucker is then used to pull on the plastic screen to lift part of it away from the camera casing. A plastic screen separator (looks like a guitar plectrum) is then inserted between the plastic screen and camara case. Another separator is then used to move along the perimeter of the screen, lifting it away from the casing. Reheating of the adhesive will be needed as you go to allow it to release its grip. The whole plastic screen will come away without damage and the case securing screws will be revealed behind. Place the plastic screen on some 'easy release non stick paper' as found on the rear of shipping labels etc. the adhesive tape will then be re-useable  :)

In the pictures that follow, you will see the hidden screw locations on the Hikvision DS-2TP31B camera and the locations will likely be similar on the Uni-T and Infray cameras. There were no plastic case clips on the Hikvision camera which was nice to see as such can be a pain to release.

To the pictures now and I will comment on the design at the end.


The teardown begins.......





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