Author Topic: How do you know if thermal cam has "real time continuous hottest spot location"?  (Read 190 times)

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Do you know how  one can find out which thermal cameras on the market have “continuous, real time highest temperature  location”  feature?

None of their datasheets tell if they do or don’t have this feature.

This feature is pretty essential for electronics repair work (at least extremely useful) , and for general electronics thermal monitoring. This is because one does not have to  hold one’s hand still………the camera will , in real-time, put a cross hair on the highest temperature spot in the  view window, and also indicate exactly how hot that spot is….even if you are not holding the camera very still. This is extremely useful in electronics.

One can of course, rig up a tripod, but in many lab environments, its not time-effective to keep doing  this.

No thermal camera on the market seems to say whether or not it has this feature.
The "Dong Guan Xintai HT-04"  does have this feature…however, this camera is battery only, and the batteries run out fast. (I actually converted an HT-04 to run off a 9V wall wart, but nearly ripped off a ribbon cable when doing this…it was quite an awkward job).

As you can mention of this most important feature.....

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