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How to solve the output abnormal problem?


How to solve the output abnormal problem?
 I took apart a thermal imager, but there is a problem with CVBS, I slowed down the speed by ten times to observe, how to solve this? :scared: :scared: :scared:

I have little understanding how digital electronics handle this, but, as a child of analog era, that looks like a classic frame timing glich.
Since its is regular and identical every time, maybe is some registry shift by some value or what ever it is called and that shift whole  frame like this.
Because it happens like this, it seems like it problem with something that give timing signal? Or something gets skipped once. 

But I am not digital electronics expert so I am talking out of my behind  :-//

Did you bend or nick anything while you were working with the camera?

Thanks for your reply. I have no way to solve it, maybe I need to go to the digital port, but that is more complicated. :-// :-// :-//


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