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HTI HT-203U 256×192 thermal imager for Android phones

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I just ordered the HTI HT-203U on Ali because it was super cheap (130 USD with some coupons), it seems to have the same InfiRay Tiny1-C 256x192 infrared module as many others (e.g. Infiray P2, Lodestar L2, Mileseey TR256i,..). I've got a few questions about this and similar devices:

* Has anyone got the same device? What are your experiences?
* Do these only work with the manufacturer's app? Or can I use something else, e.g. Inifiray's Android app? What is the best app for these?
* I've seen in several review videos that there is significant amount of stuttering, e.g. the frame freezes for a second every few seconds. Is the reason known? What to do about it?
* Is anyone interested in something about this device that I could test when it arrives? (around xmas)



Have you got this device, I'm searching for something not expencive not for professional use, just to look in my house where I have places with bad thermal insulation.

May be you can write some words about your experiance, may be some video

Thank you

Heres a mini review with some pictures:

Case: Seems to be sturdy, most parts are covered in rubber. On the downside the lens is barely recessed so its prone to scratches (its a fixed lens sadly) and I dont see any screws to take it apart.

App: I have tried it with my old phone that uses Android 9. There is a HTI app in play store that did not work but the app provided via a QR code did. I liked that it did not ask for nasty permissions (just camera I think?) all functionality seems to work except taking photos and videos... it just shows an error saying that it failed to store the picture. Could be because of my ancient Android version? I dont know, havent tested with other phones. For me this is not an issue though, I use it to look at it realtime and making a screenshot works.

App features: OK. Simple, has what I need:
- multiple color schemes. 
- can set temperature range, either -20-120C or 120C-550C
- 3 ways to show temperature: show min/max/middle on a line or a rectangle or the whole screen
- Performance is good, fast startup. The live feed stops for like a second every minute or so to re-calibrate the sensor.
- The only thing I really miss is that the color scheme is always relative on what you see, e.g. red always means the highest temp on the picture and its not possible to pin down to a value. This results in a funky, color disco video when   I'd love if I could set that use the actual color scheme for say 15-25C, this is sadly not possible.

Heat imaging quality: Sadly I have nothing to compare it to, but it looks excellent, more than enough for HVAC diagnosis. Video is pretty smooth, the advertised 25FPS and 256x192 resolution is realistic.

Summary: does what it says on the box

so little response. no one like this device?

I have one, I don't have an Android device though. I tried it today with a friend's phone and it seems to work very well even at long distances, but I don't have anything else to compare it to.

I am trying to get it to work in Linux but I haven't had any luck with that yet. It works fine as a webcam on Windows though.


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