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HTI HT-H8 has a HT-301 inside

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I didn't found something useful about this topic. So i will post it here.

Recently i bought a HTI HT-H8 and was a bit disappointed about the minimum focus distance. I opend the HT-H8, which was a bit tricky because i couldn't find a teardown video or images.

Inside is something like an Android board i guess and to my surprise a camera modul that looks exactly like a HT-301. I found an image in the HT-301 thread from @RBsonic and it looks exactly like my one.

There seems to be an UART connector. I will see what options are there. Maybe a console.

Some more images.

It is a UART port. As you can see in the image, 8,7µs (8,68µs but rounded in this view), thats 115200 baud. Bootlog is attached. 

I adjusted the HT-301 focus ring to min. position (thread out to maximum) and can now go as near as 6 cm to my target board. I use it for fault finding on boards. Thats much better than the previous (original) 24 cm. 

Today arrived a Infiray P2 Pro with makro lens. Here's a comparison of both devices after adjusting the HTI HT-H8 to 8 cm focus distance. The P2 Pro has 4 cm focus distance with the makro lense (is it a lense?). The P2 images are screenshots i captured in TC View, running in a VM. Autofocus seems not working in this Windows Software. The HTI images are straight from the camera.


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