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HTI-Instrument HT-19 (320 × 240)

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Lord of nothing:

I received it some days ago. I payed US $472 who was around 224€ when I remember right.
And additional 111.06€ for Tax, Import Fee, DHL Import,...  :-- Sometime I win sometime the Gov...

Here some Images: (Please know I adjust the size by 2x.)
Guessed what Brand that is.  :-DD
Just my Accesspoint...
My Tritium Light dont produce any heat.



The lights on the Ceiling.

Looks to be working OK. That appears to be the imagery of the standard Seek Pro J3-603-320 OEM core.

Check the temperature measurement accuracy...... it is an area that can be an issue with the J3-603 core.


Lord of nothing:
I forgotten to mention that the Cam have an replaceable Accu to. The is in the Handle. The "only" Downside is the use some special Connector and maybe is not that easy to get.
I just use them as expensive Toy. How should I measure it?

Basic thermal camera measurement accuracy tests.....

Set the Emissivity to 0.96 for Ice water and Ambient water

Measure water with lots of melting ice in it. Result should be close to 0C
Measure boiling water in a pan or kettle. Result should be close to 100C
Measure a non reflective surface with a thermometer and then measure it with the camera. Compare results. Emissivity does need to be considered for the imaged surface.


I'm curious from where  do you know that Emissivity of watter is  0.96


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