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--- Quote from: mattcaves on January 11, 2023, 10:09:51 pm ---
Yes, I have this problem too, very frustrating! |O

I have two Android phones, an old Nexus 5x that it works fine on, although it's really slow as the phone is so old. So I went and got a Nokia G21 on Vodafone PAYG especially for the P2 Pro, which is doing exactly this, it works for a couple of seconds and then just freezes. Sometimes it works for longer, but always freezes in the end.

I've written to the support email address for the app, we'll see if I get any response.


--- End quote ---

This issue is resolved on their latest app update on 12th Feb 2023.

I did get a response from my support email requesting a video of the issue, which I provided, then silence!

Took them about 4 weeks to fix it, with CNY in the middle not too bad, props to InfiRay for fixing it!  :)

Hay everyone, been using the P2 Pro for a few months and wile I like it its definitely got some quirks.  I have just tried the Topcon App and its great to have a PC option, although has anyone noticed the resolution looks much less than on the phone app ?

Also I have having issues with the P2Pro Android app where the temp reading is 40C+ out all of the time. mostly at temps above 50c but its well over reading. Interestingly the Topcon app looks virtually bang on, Anyone come across this on the P2Pro app as well, I have tried the Sliders for room temp and distance but tbh its not solving it.

Hi! I've made a native C++ app for the Topdon TC-001 and the Infiray P2. It runs smooth on a Raspi4B, and of course on a PC.

It just displays the video (with fixed temperature range), and can record video, that's all for now. I'll see what I can do with it.

I do only own a TC-001 (it is a bit cheaper than the P2) This should work on a P2 and similar cameras that uses the mentioned earlier 16 bpp thermal raw format.
Thanks to all for the info provided on this thread.
It is only for Linux for now. The requirements are libv4l2 and OpenCV so it could be built for other systems.

Code and documentation are here:

The only quirk is that I only use the v4l video stream, I don't set any parameters via USB. I think that for this reason the camera sometimes readjusts the range or the optics by itself, making an audible clic and stopping the video for a second. I should read more deeply the code at the @LeoDJ 's repository.

The app displays the colored image in fullscreen and you can toggle recording by pressing enter. Press spacebar to exit.

There is a script to later convert (offline) the recorded raw files to colored .mp4 videos (optionally upscaled with linear interpolation)

(More info is in the README)

The second video I recorded:

Attached is a test image.


FPV Thermal Cameras - InfiRay P2 Pro - short test flight & crash test

no special driver needed, just v4l2 and a client of your choice.

I have noticed that the camera develops a "significant" gradient when warming up. In case of my P2 Pro the "left" of the image becomes offset warmer and warmer over time but once it has reached thermal equlibrium and does not get any warmer, simply restarting the app (and there by triggering the shutter self correction) fixes the issue.

I wonder if the P2 Pro has an internal thermal sensor that could detect the thermals changing and reissues a self cal or at least promt the user about the issue.

On a side note: I also notices that setting the scale range manually in the P2 Pro app, does not actually expand the full color pallet to the selected range but just crops away the parts above and below, which is kind of stupid and does not increase the usable thermal resolution at all.


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