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Infiray and their P2 Pro - discussion

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I think your issue with the scale has to do with the p2 software not making full use of the hardware commands in the documentation.  The core is capable of a couple different temperature presets but I have yet to find a way to send the discrete commands to the core to explore that further.

I guess no one has found a firmware upgrae for their p2pro? Mine still does the flickering after a couple minutes of runtime. The andoird app states firmware version
I was hoping a FW-upgrade might fix the issue.


First time on this forum.. as I just bought a Topdon camera and was willing to use connected to a Linux computer.. :-)

As it is, the TCView app in Windows works.. is not exceptionnal as the app on smartphone could be but works. Connected on a Linux computer it shows a Realtek camera
Using a local viewer to see the stream coming from the USB feed, I can see a black and white + green picture, I guess these are two lenses that are overlapsed to show not only infrared colors but layers overlayed.

Thanks to the above posts from greynol4 and others, but after a full recompilation of ffmpeg (to include the inferno filter) , I can confirm that the command below allows a feed through rtsp using VLC

--- Code: ---ffmpeg -input_format gray16le -video_size 256x384 -r 25 -i /dev/video0 -vf 'crop=h=(ih/2):y=(ih/2), normalize=smoothing=10, pseudocolor=p=inferno' -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset ultrafast -c:v libx264 -f mpegts -|vlc -I dummy - --sout='#rtp{sdp=rtsp://:5555} --sout-all --sout-keep'
--- End code ---

Cliff Matthews:
Diode Gone wild just posted a P2 review. I'm hoping that price will drop a bit.

This is a very cool thread for a very cool device! I was offered a Topdon TC001 for a product review, so I have written pure Python software, which works on the Raspberry Pi 4 and I am hosting it here:

If you are interested in the review and a demo of the Python Software here is the video (I don't get paid for it, just thought it might be useful):


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