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Infiray and their P2 Pro - discussion

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Got my X2 today

As Apple anounced that iPadOS v17 will support external web cams, I wonder if anybody had tried the beta of v17 on an iPad Pro with the Infiray thermal camera?

Any success it rus on an iPad with USB-C?

Been wondering about a similar thing: the new iPhone 15 series now uses USB-C, not Lightning. So can the "Android" P2 Pro's be used with the iPhone 15's?

I just found out that the raw data of the P2 Pro seems to be embedded in the jpeg file. When you open a P2 pro jpg file in the digikam desktop app, the metadata panel on the right shows you the overview of the extra information in the ExifTool tab. The actual raw data seems to be in the APP3 segment (never heard of the APP segments before...). I have attached sample metadata copied from digikam that does not include the real binary raw image data block. I have tried to extract the raw data with Exiftool but only managed to get a  formatted dump of all metadata using the -v5 option. There is also a thread on the exiftool forum where a similar situation for a DJI thermal camera is discussed:
I really like the camera but the software kinda sucks. Extracting the raw data and making your own plots and analysis would improve the situation.



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