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Hi All,

Yesterday I received my C210 thermal camera and I'm very happy with my purchase so I would like to share my findings.
I just got my C210 and have played with it for 2 days, so this is not an extensive review.

In short I bought a Thermal camera from China and it's very good given the price:
Temperature range: -20~550C
Infrared pixels: 256x192 (Nice :scared:)
USB video feature
16GB SD card included
And more just read the aliexpress page.

I payed €245,87 (including shipping to The Netherlands)
I had to pay import tax but I was lucky).
I was lucky because the taxable value of this "INFRARED THERMAL IMAGER" was determined to be €17,32.
Vat 21% of this was just €3,64, in addition I had to pay administrative charges of  €4,00. So the additional cost were €7,64
Total: €245,87 + €7,64 = €253,51

I Bought it from Aliexpress:
C210 Infiray Thermal camera.

Update: it looks like the UNI-T aliexpress store does not sell the C210 anymore but C200 (I'm not sure if they are the same now, as far as I know the only difference is that the C210 supports USB video recording)

In addition I bought a lens for better closeup picture. (I did not think of this myself, but read somewhere on this forum someone used this lens type, thank you unknown guy!)

CO2 ZnSe Focus Lens Dia.20mm FL350.8
€ 8,26

In addition I bought (NOTE do not buy this):
"Cloudray C Series CO2 Lens Tube Outer Diameter 24mm for Lens Dia.20mm FL50.8/63.5/101.6MM for CO2 Laser Cutting Machine " (€ 8,41 X1)
"Cloudray Lens Mirror Removal and Insertion Tool for C&E Series Lens Tube Nut-removal" (€ 6,30 X1)
My thinking was I would use these to fix the lens to the thermal camera someway, I went with a more high tech solution of black electrical tape instead, I might 3D print something better in the future.

I have attached some photo's to this post, so you can get an impression of the results.

You have to ask the supplier for the PC software tool, it is not available for download on the infiray official website I asked them why it is not on the website and they told me it is because of bandwidth constraints. (wierd but oke, I will share it here).
I have received the software from infiray and the uni-T aliexpress store, one is an installer the other is portable version. Currently the version I poses is V1.1.4 (Please if you have a newer version share it)
The software and some thermal images and one thermal video (so you can try out the software yourself) can be found on my file server:
To select the folder containing the thermal images you have to click on the text "Preview" in the left side of the window.

Note, Most of the closeup PCB pictures are taken through the ZnSe lens, (you can verify by enabling fusion mode in the software, if the thermal and photo images are not aligned I have taken the image through the ZnSe lens).

The only things I do not like about this camera (so far):
-sometimes the tigger button to capture an image is not detected. (seems to work after the first image has been taken, some kind of software bug).
-no firmware updates

I would love to disassemble this camera to check out what makes it tick, however it is quite expensive and I do not see how to get inside without breaking it. (I would like to know how to replace the battery in the future). Maybe a new video idea for Dave  :popcorn:

Now that is a pretty sweet price for what is seemingly a perfectly good "high resolution" thermal camera.

How good is the noise on the image when measuring things that only slightly warm? Like trying the old trick of leaving a warm hand print on a table.

For my it's a new trick ;). I just tested it. (the thermal images are also added to shared file drive for PC analysis).
Seems oke to me but I know next to nothing about thermal camera's (This will change  :box:).
Please let me know what you think.

That looks nice and clean to me. By the way does it support exporting any lossless image formats like PNG or BMP?

I am not much of a thermal camera expert myself, mostly use a ThermalExpert Q1 at work. The images looks pretty similar to that (apart from the Q1 having double as many pixels). But i am sure the usual eevblog resident experts on thermal cameras will swing by here anytime for some more in depth comments.

Thanks for your feedback. I have not found any setting to change the format of what is saved on the SD-card (jpg and irg by default), I'm pretty sure it can not be changed.
However when I connect the camera to my PC in usb camera mode and take a capture it is stored as bmp inside "IRPT_TAS_V114\CaptureBmp\20210801" folder (I have attached the bmp to this post).


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