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Infiray ELF series - And the new miniature cores keep coming !

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Yep, I have the PC SDK- what would be the easiest way to share it? Note that most of the file names and instructions are in Mandarin, I've yet to translate them.

Google drive is a popular iCloud storage solution. Other iCloud storage sites exist, but some can be a bit dodgy !

How large is the SDK please ?


I'll put it on Google drive later tonight then, it's a 89.1mb .zip file.


--- Quote from: Abbott242 on June 03, 2022, 08:53:32 pm ---On the topic of these new cores, I've purchased a "mini256" core from Infiray (256*192, 25hz). Quoted at 425usd/each. The SDK supplied with it seems to be the same as for the Tiny-1C, I'll be  diving into the code in a few days as I'm using it for a new project. Output is via SPI/DVP with a USB-C backboard. I'll be sure to post images/info on how it performs!

--- End quote ---

If you don't mind, may I ask how did you manage to buy the camera from Infiray? I emailed them and got no reponse so far.

I bought it on Alibaba from Dongguan Hampo Electronic Technology Co, it wasn't direct from Infiray. They seem to stock quite a few Infiray cores, as do other sellers. No luck on the elf cores yet though, I'll have to check.


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