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Infiray ELF series - And the new miniature cores keep coming !

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Okay, I've uploaded the SDK to drive:
Zip file:
Please note that this is in the state I received it - I take no responsibility for file organization or translations  ;). I hope this ends up being useful!


Thank you very much for the SDK files.

I will try them on the S0 core and see how I get on with the features.

I was aware that many Infiray technical documents are in Mandarin as the product ranges are primarily aimed at the Chinese OEM’s with the Western support documentation following at some point in time. Thank goodness for the online translators  :-+


I translated the documents associated with the SDK from Mandarin to English. An interesting read but not quite what I was expecting as it is not a generic SDK for the Infiray range of cores, but rather a specific code collection for the Tiny1 core. The documentation is still very interesting and useful though as I believe much of its contents will apply to my S0 core.

I have written to Infiray asking for the S0 core SDK and will have to wait and see whether they respond.

Thank you again for sharing the Tiny1 SDK  :-+


Uh oh - that's not what I was expecting either! I will talk to my supplier and ask whether he has other, specific SDKs, and if this was a mix-up. Hopefully much of it is the same in my case as well - I'm about to plug the core in.

@Abbot242, Any luck getting the SDK to run?  I'm thinking of pulling the trigger and buying a Tiny1-C from Infiray for development.  I looked through the SDK you posted and it looks dependent on a set of libraries they supply that are, at least for the SPI demo, compiled for x86 linux.

@Fraser, care to share your translated version of the documentation?


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