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Infiray ELF series - And the new miniature cores keep coming !

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I have just seen that a Infiray have produced a series of miniature thermal imaging cores to rival the offerings from Seek Thermal and FLIR :) They have called them the ELF core. The ELF 1 is a integrated module design whereas the ELF 3 separates the processor PCB with a FPC ribbon. The ELF 3 performance will likely benefit from removing the processors heat output from proximity to the microbolometer  :-+

It is good to see such miniature core development continuing  :-+


I think the ELF 3 is just ELF 1 with image processor, it can be judged from the weight of the two modules. The ELF 1&3's data output also tell it.

Don't they already have they Tiny and S0 cores?

I think these might be using a newer ROIC and packaging.

Vipitis, They do indeed. I checked that those cores remain available and they are still listed. This is what I was hoping for though. The market is so buoyant for thermal imaging cores at the moment that Infiray are producing various models of core to suit differing needs. They may all use the same microbolometer die and ROIC in various cores, just as ULIS does with its different Thermal FPA’s. The ELF appears to offer easier mounting in a chassis, thanks to its two ‘wings’ and screw holes.

It is interesting to see that the favoured resolution for budget thermal imaging cameras coming out of ASIA is 256x192 pixels. Maybe this is a good balance of production cost Vs image quality. I certainly appreciate the additional image detail compared to my old ‘entry level reference’ of 160x120 pixels

I know some members of the forum desire higher resolutions and maybe those desires can be fulfilled at affordable prices but it may take time. For the moment 256x192 appears a very popular resolution in affordable consumer grade cameras.

Infiray are also making a point of saying they are now producing thermal imaging cores that use an ASIC, rather than FPGA technology. They claim this move to ASIC’s reduces cost and power consumption.


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