Author Topic: FLIR Vue Pro R 336 - radiometric video  (Read 703 times)

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FLIR Vue Pro R 336 - radiometric video
« on: August 03, 2022, 07:50:52 pm »
Hi everyone on the forum, does somebody have experience with the FLIR Vue Pro R series? Here is my problem:

I own a FLIR Vue Pro R 336. I have three video recording options: 8-bit (MPEG), 8-bit (H264) and 14-bit (TIFF sequence).

Both 8-bit formats have a "high" frame rate of 9fps, but they can not have a fixed Level & Span and can not be edited in FLIR Research Studio, since they don't contain actual radiometric data.

The 14-bit TIFF video format can be edited in FLIR Research Studio (Level & Span can be adjusted, the color palette can be changed, the files contain actual radiometric data). But it only has 1fps. Also, the temperature scale for this format is not degrees celsius, but only "counts".

So, is there a way to create "high frame rate" (9fps) video with the Vue Pro R, that is editable (Level & Span), color palette) and/or has a fixed Level & Span (temperature range)?

(After many attempts I found Teledyne FLIR support not very knowlegeable on the subject)

Thanks for your input,



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Re: FLIR Vue Pro R 336 - radiometric video
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2022, 11:42:02 pm »
Would seem unlikely - at a guess there is a pipeline limit somewhere, maybe the data to the SD card writing.

MPEG and H264 are 'compressed pretty pictures', so the overall data rate will be quite low, so the 9fps can be supported.

The 14 bit TIFF is uncompressed data, maybe with added pretty pictures, to allow later manipulations.  So the same pipeline limit is only supporting the 1fps due to the 14 bit data.


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