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Infiray Flip PH35-Best '640' bang-for-the-buck since Therm-App Pro discontined?

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I took the unit on a walk outside at about 9pm tonight. it was past sunset and dark. The temperature earlier in the day was about 95 degrees and it was about 80 degrees or so when these were taken. During the video I capture people, cars, rabbits, and even an airplane while experimenting with different settings including color pallet, sensitivity, zoom, etc. Sorry for the bad shakiness in some parts of the video. This video should give you a good feel for how the image quality looks.  The camera automatically splits the video footage into 5 minute long chunks.  Here are the 3 parts of the video

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

So far overall I’m very pleased with the performance of this device given its relatively low cost.  The quality of the picture is equal or better than all FLIR brand devices I have ever owned including M18, M24, T640, P640, etc. and better than most other brand devices I have used as well.  The picture quality seems on close or on par with most 640 DRS core instruments I’ve used in the past too. 

Dark Volter:
This is pretty insightful- and that's cool! It does look spectacular

Interesting that it zooms out well- i didn't expect it to perform so well zoomed out, for the widest view of a scene

-that's a little easier than me changing lenses on my Therm App Pro

-That 5 minute video limit though- hurts extremely badly, OOF- no way to get around that??

Also, can you control the span and push it up or down, for when in areas with hot things or fire, and cold stuff? Just curious


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