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Infiray “Open Source Platform” ! This is a surprise.

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Infiray are hoping to drive the uptake of thermal imaging technology in the World by producing an Open Source database of information to help developers to get the best from the technology. This is a surprise development and could be very interesting. Let us see how it develops eh  :-+

The Infiray statement on the Open Source platform…….

“ Platform Introduction

In the early days, infrared technology was limited to military applications. With the end of the Cold War, infrared technology began to enter the civilian field on a large scale. With the rapid development of the world economy, the rapid progress of infrared technology and the continuous decline of product costs, applications in the civilian field will have a broader space for development. However, for researchers, the current academic world lacks such a type of infrared data platform. InfiRay® is committed to working with industry partners to publicly promote the development and application of infrared technology, estab-lishing a cooperative and win-win infrared ecosystem, and using our products and equipment to empower all walks of life. To this end, InfiRay® has gradu-ally built and launched a global-oriented "Infrared Open Source Platform" in both Chinese and English ( and In the future, we will spend two to three years to gradually increase, accumulate and optimize the database types, continue to invest in key construction in some important industries, and eventually build a data platform with millions or even tens of millions of effective pictures. InfiRay® is willing to open its arms and welcome all partners to participate in the construction of the data platform.”

Sadly I note the comment regarding the end of the “Cold War” ……… I feel a distinct chill in the air and another very cold period in history may be beginning…… and I am not talking about Global Warming !


The noise reduction database entry….


On further reading, this seems to be an open source picture database, rather than a techniques database  :( I thought it was too good to be true.


That's actually a very useful thing for developing/training deep learning algorithms, although from what I noticed on major ML conferences, it seems it's not a hot topic. FLIR actually also have a ADAS dataset published.
I'm always disappointed by contributions from Chinese companies to open source projects, so I'm not hoping a lot from this.

It's a good idea, but I will have to look at it myself for judgement. Datasets are always needed if you want to use machine learning (and deep learning) to tackle problems. But it sounds like their datasets are rather small. I remember from previous threads on this forum that there were bigger datasets available with parallel images of faces for example. And those were really "open" as the provided s direct browser and download option.
I am more involved with language processing, so I am not familiar with any hubs that image processing tasks. But datasets only become really useful once they show up on the big hubs. For langauge it's Huggingface for example.

In one or two years when I start the masters programme - I hope to do some image processig, where I might remember this and look at it again. Getting into such a university course was partly supported by some forum threads on here.


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