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Infiray P2 - is it still usaeable as generic USB cam on PC/RasPi etc. ?


ISTR reading somewhere that the more recent P2 firmware could no longer run as a generic USB cam without special drivers - is this the case ?
If so is there anything similar that can, or a way of making it work like that, or similar products that do?

Couldnt find any info on that.
nor does googling find anything.

the "old one" registers as a webcam with 2 available resolutions. IR 256x192 and IR+Data 256x384.
but when wanting to use it with topdon software, i had to replace the driver using Zadig to libusb which removed the UVC camera function of it.
for opencv and other usb cam viewing programs, i had to get rid of the topdon driver again.
i wonder if they made it by default now to use libusb.
if youre unlucky and got the apparently updated p2 someday, you could try replacing it with windows internal driver "usbvideo.inf"  to make it look like a UVC cam again.

To make for example the topdon tc001 work with IRCAM you gotta get rid of the topdon drivers at first, otherwise it wont show up as usb cam.

i wonder if the tooltop t7 also does this, its so far the cheapest implementation of a tiny1c for just about 100..120 bucks.

I'm afraid it has to connected to its software to use >:D

Windows drivers for P2 Pro based on libusbk.
Drivers tested with last version of TC001 app for win (


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