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Rambo Sonny:
I heard that infiray has public a new P2 pro, which is equipped with a separate lens, seems to be a magnet and can be directly absorbed into the thermal imager

Got a link? I can't find any info about a new p2 pro.

And on the topic of the original p2, it is wayy better than the seek compact pro. The sensitivity, frame rate, and noise are all leagues ahead of any seek product. The apps however are iffy. The P2 Pro app is good but no ranging and no digital zoom.\

*correction* It does have range was just a hard setting to find.

Could you tell us whether you can manually set the temprature range on both of these? and can you link them to a computer like webcam ... I've heard that they can be set up like that without the settings control. it would be nice to see a video on that, thank you!

You can set the temperature range to change everything out of the range to black hot vs in range is at the your current palette.

Hey @thermalengineer. To answer your question yes you can set the range manually but the UX is just as silly as the Seek Thermal apps. To use it with a PC you really only have to plug it in. It's a USB video class device so you can use it in any application a webcam would normally work with eg. VLC, Windows Camera app, Cheese on Ubuntu, etc.

edit: Looks like these questions weren't in good faith. I guess the little dead emoji means banned re: Rambo Sonny, thermalengineer. Context here


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