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Hey I just wanted to drop some impressions of the Infiray P2 on here and some cad resources. Firstly this thing is tiny really really tiny (see below). Sensitivity wise it's ok not quite as good as the Seek Compact Pro. However it makes up for this in having massively lower noise and twice the frame rate. The frame rate makes a huge difference. There is a calibration shutter but it is only activated a couple of times at camera startup and then maybe once every 10 minutes. A completely different experience than the Seek cameras resetting every 3 seconds. There is however quite a lot of non uniformity with my instance of the device with one area quite a lot hotter.

Fun fact. The default encoding from the app is YCoCg and Youtube cannot process this colorspace. I had to convert these files in ffmpeg

PC use
It's UVC compatible! Two resolutions. The first and default resolution is greyscale white hot video. The second resolution includes both the greyscale images and what looks like some extra significant bits as a second image below the first.

I created a 3d model of the device and designed a snap on carry case and a tripod mounting block

Photo sample gallery
See attached below

I was looking for info about this brand, this model & T2S+ a while ago,  only found a few second videos and introductions. your review is complete and informative. great job mate. I have ordered T2S+ for PCB temperature measurement from their official aliexpress store. When I get it, will share something interesting here.

Thermal Michael:
The carry case is super cool. And for P2, I saw from InfiRay's Facebook public page that they released another new smaller thermal camera for smartphone called Night Vision Go last December. They look like the same. Do you know the difference of those two? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks~

The image isn't so much out of focus but supersampled. They want the text to he sharp so they blow up the image before pinning the text over it. An interesting feature of the app is after taking the picture you can change the annotations and measure things after the fact.

I saw some references for "Night Vision Go (P2)" so I think it's just a sales moniker.


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