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Infiray T2 series, trying to understand..

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Hi folks, i try to understand the difference between Infiray T2 models using , forum and google, so if i'm wrong please correct me :)

* they are all 256x192@12 except T2S with 240x180@12
* they are all 25Hz
* they are all use Matrix III
* they are all have home-made ASIC
Next the difference:
T2L use Germanium monocrystal lenses
T2L have temp -20°C+120°C
T2L have FOV 33.4 it's near 60mm for 35mm lenses (close portrait 85mm, handy)

T2S have temp -20°C+120°C
T2S have FOV 34.8 it's near 57mm for 35mm lenses (bit more than an eye)
T2S lenses ??
T2S have 240x180@12 resolution

T2S+ have temp -20°C+120°C
T2S+ have FOV 44.9 it's near 44mm for 35mm lenses (it's perfect lenses for everydayphoto, i.e. 44mm/FF )
T2S+ lenses composite + macro
T2S+ have 256x192@12 resolution, better than T2S

T2 also called T2Search
T2Search have temp 0°C+80°C
T2Search have FOV 19.6 it's near 105mm for 35mm lenses (far Portrait/Tele)

(T2) NightVisionGo temp -20°C+170°C
(T2) NightVisionGo dont use Ge lenses it's "composite"
(T2) NightVisionGo have FOV 56 it's near 33mm for 35mm lenses (wide lenses)

From the info i got looks like really nice "T2" for kinds of thermal observations is T2L. TRange is good, optics made from Ge Monocrystal, FOV is great. While T2S (just S) is obsolete model.
Guess T2L winning challenge Vs T2S+ just having Ge lenses (ignoring FOVs).

FOV tables from

they also might use different apps :palm: chinese marketing is funny, though searching some specific flir specs is similar pain in backside.

InfiRay search is what they ask for but image is not as good as if you use xtherm infrared app . also hti image WIFI-view app. I i find a good difference in image quality .
If anyone try i would like to know what your opinion is for these app .

What app do you use ? I tried Iray search quality is not as good as Xtherm infrared app or Hti image app . i would like some feedback . Thanks

Could you show the image, so we can see what it is


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