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For T2S+ camera, I used Xtherm infrared app on my Android phone. The problem always was that the app very often launched with mirrored/flipped camera image.

I downloaded InfiCam app from discord. Then, the problem is there is noise visible in the image. Xtherm has nice smooth image, Inficam noisy. Can something be done about the noise in InfiCam?

Or is there an app that really works with T2S+ - i.e. it doesn't mirror/flip image from the camera randomly and doesn't produce noisy image?

Picture as is is pretty noisy from your 12um bolometer. So my 5 cents that inficam simple don't remove noise to not to remove details.

Personally i use thermal eye x app (for my xh09 x2) w/ a "green eye", i.e. no noise cancellation inside the app (but bolometer still remove it as it could via firmware which is still noisy and ugly cause it's 12um).


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