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Infiray T2S Plus or Infiray P2 Pro with Macro lens

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For most electronics repair applications, the T2 Pro should be sufficient even without a macro lens. The image below shows the resolution with the focus ring fully turned out.
The T2S+ is similar, it can be used very universally.
Unfortunately, there is currently no Windows program available.
Many people also use the P2 Pro with the macro lens; the distance to the object is not so variable.

This was discussed quite a bit in the other P2 Pro thread I think.

I'm just a hobbyist but I'd say the P2 Pro + Macro lens is pretty good. Without the macro lens you can look at the entire board and see which general area is hot, then with the macro you can easily identify the smallest SMD components in that area.

The downside is that you might need to put the lens on and off frequently to get a close/wider view. An adjustable focus would be less annoying, but I'm not sure what magnification T2S Plus offers. I think if I was using it frequently all day in a repair shop, I'd probably want a stand-alone camera to avoid messing with the phone. You have to get it out of the case, attach to the phone, remove lens cap, hope the app launches and doesn't get stuck (happens sometimes) etc.

There are a few other repair technicians using/testing the P2. Interestingly, Sorin complains about having to adjust the focus all the time :)


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