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Hi there,

I just got a P2 Pro with a Macro Lens and YouTube decided to show me the T2S Plus  |O I was wondering.

Should I return the P2 Pro and get the T2S Plus instead?

The only reasons why I didn't do it so far are because I'm not sure if it's worse than the P2 Pro.

Apparently the P2 Pro has autofocus (I heard it in one review, but couldn't really find anything about it. My P2 Pro "calibrates" every few seconds with an audible click, so maybe that's it?

Whereas the T2S Plus doesn't, but instead of that it has that pretty handy manual focus lens.

Another thing that the T2S Plus has is the apparently smaller FOV (44,9° x 33,4° 20% smaller  compared to the P2 Pro's 56° x 42,2°) and the lower temperature range. (450°C instead of 550°C),  and it has more noise compared to the P2 Pro (NETD ≤60mK @25 ℃ vs ≤50mK @25 ℃).

I'm not sure if they both share the same sensor and chip though.

It does have the same 25hz though and the same resolution, and includes a gimbal like thing.

Am I overthinking this, should I just keep the P2 Pro? I did use the p2 pro for PCB work and immediately did find a small shorted resistor, but switching to the macro lens feels a bit tedious.

I only want to use the thermal camera for fault detection on boards, and maybe look at insulation of houses.

The t2s only thing that makes it kinda enticing to me is the manual focus and ability to get closer to the board, I wish they would sell something like that for the P2 Pro (which only has a fixed focus macro lens.)

Did you keep the P2 Pro? and what is your take on it. I am after one TC but from the reviews I have seen, it seems the T2S plus is a better one. There may be others which are better in the range of $250.

I bought the T2S+ after months of research , against the P2 Pro. FIY P2-Pro has no autofocus , it has a fixed focus ! So the distance to see things sharply with the P2Pro macro lens is preset. With the T2S+ you have much greater flexibility when it comes to various distances.  You just turn the lens manually to focus and it is sharp at any workable length.

Myrecommendation: T2S+ for PCB inspection or any close rang work from ~3cm to 1m. Depends on your particular needs what you need to see. It works for greater distances. I have inspected our house for heat leaks around the windows , pipes and stuff like that. The manual focus helps tremendously.

P2 Pro has a wider FOV but has simpler use case which envelopes a greater range of customers. Just plug in and see things around at greater range. Yes macro lens is a nice touch , but the macro lens has also a fixed focal length so instead of turning the lens to focus (T2S+) you have to move the camera anyway and way too close to the board. A PCB full of caps,heatsinks and what not , many times it is not possible to move the camera so close. P2Pro macro lens is good for phone boards and such....


Sorry for the late reply.

I tried out both, and returned the P2 Pro. While it does have a few better features it's absolutely not worth it compared to the T2S+.

The FOV is only a little bit smaller, but the freedom you get with the focus lens is amazing. With the P2 Pro everything looks a bit blurry if it's too close, with the macro lens you have to get extremly close, so mounting the cam to a stand and pointing it to a PCB from like 30cm is kind of bad. You see the general location that heats up but not what. With the T2S+ it doesn't matter everything is sharp and if it isn't, you can just turn the focus dial until it is, small parts are easily visible from a quite a distance, you can even get a lot closer compared to the macro lens of the P2 Pro.

Oh yeah, switch between macro and not macro on the P2 Pro is also annoying. Like getting a rough overview of what heats up and then putting the macro lens on is really finicky.

As for what the P2 Pro does better, its app is slightly better, I was even able to use an older version of the TC01 app and do an overlay with the phone camera. The range is slightly higher 600°C instead of 450°C, also when you select the wide range mode it went from 0°C-600°C with the T2S+ you only get -25°C~125°C and then a separate mode for 100°C~450°C which is weird.

The T2S+ has a lot of revisions, sadly mine is the A2 revision which does a bit of the processing on the phone instead of the camera, so when you plug it in to a computer you just get a green image and the software has to do some corrections. The P2 Pro (as far as I'm aware) is only available with the on-camera processing, so plugging it in a computer gives you a nice grayscale image.

I did send back the P2 Pro, it was more expensive for me and only came with the macro lens. The T2S+ was 20$ cheaper and came in with a holder mounting system, extension cables, and two extremely nice hard shells for the camera itself and the holder.

I wouldn't get the TC one, it's like the P2 Pro but bigger. In general, I think fixed focus ones are only really good for like rough inspections of buildings, especially with the slightly bigger FOV. But even here the variable focus of the T2S+ is really useful, I was able to see some details that were just blurry with the P2 Pro.

Thank you both for your kind reply. Before I saw both of your post I actually pulled the trigger on the T2S plus on Alpress as there was anniversary discount.

"The T2S+ has a lot of revisions, sadly mine is the A2 revision which does a bit of the processing on the phone instead of the camera"

This is useful, as I did not know this and I wonder which version I will receive. It seems from reviews I have seen and the detailed info from both of you I made the correct one. I hope I will find it useful mainly for board repairs. I bought the one with the adjustable new stand.


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