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Infiray V2 cameras not as good as V1 models ???

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Your measurement error experience does not match mine with the P2 Pro. We have to wonder whether Infiray has been changing their core technology and whether this is creating the issues that I am hearing about, especially with measurement accuracy, core thermal stability and general imaging performance. Hence why I created this thread. I am sorry to hear that your P2 Pro appears to have measurement accuracy issues and if I were in your position, I would return the camera for a refund.

If Infiray have changed their imaging cores or firmware in a way that caused thermal instability and/or significant measurement errors, their products would be best avoided until they fix the issues.

The price of used Infiray cameras may increase if the latest releases are shown to be flawed. I bought a used T2 Pro recently in the hope of avoiding the latest T2 Pro V2. It may be wise to do likewise.


Having looked at the Infiray web site I found it to be a good example of unrestrained marketing team BS. Nothing truly useful to be found amongst the mass of glitzy marketing graphics and images. Totally useless as a source of technical information on any changes that have been made to the camera and core technology.


The main issue with the V2 A2 A revision cameras is that they removed the oncamera processing/FPGA.

When you plug a V1 camera into your PC you get a grayscale image, which you can use without having to apply any LUT or Uniformity correction or something like that.

The V2 cameras don't really do that, I get a green pixel garbage and the phone app has to apply the uniformity correction before it becomes an useable image.

While I had the P2 Pro and TS2+ V2 side by side, the P2 Pro was a bit better in terms of the temperature range, though that could be due to it having a different sensor than the T2S+.

No idea, both of them were off by a few degrees, and I wasn't able to detect any extreme issues. I kept the T2S+ because of its variable focus lens. The accuracy of these thermal sensors is highly dependent on what settings you use in the app. If the material isn't set correctly, they can be really off. In general, I wouldn't really use them for determining the accurate temperature and instead use them to detect differences of temperatures in an area. Like looking for leaks in a window, or if some component gets hot, or if the heat is probably distributed over an area.

The comparison between them was just done out of interest, they both use different ASICs/sensors. I think if you look at the marketing, the P2 Pro has the better on paper specs, even compared to the release specs of the T2S+.

Also, my comparisons were only done in the 0°C~100°C range, getting a specific model of a camera is really hard though. A friend of mine bought the T2S+ a week later from the same shop and got a "A" revision whereas I got the "A2" revision, both being of the V2 kind.


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