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Infiray V2 cameras not as good as V1 models ???

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I am hearing and reading reports of new release V2 cameras coming out of Infiray not performing as well as the original V1 models. These reports comment on image noise levels and general image quality. I own a P2 Pro V1 and T2 Pro V1 and I am satisfied with the imaging performance of both of those cameras considering their intended market segment. The T2 Pro has a very nice enhanced range capability and even performs well in PCB inspection applications. Infiray have always claimed that they had an advantage over other core manufacturers as they used their “own” dedicated and carefully “tuned” ASIC chip in place of more expensive generic FPGA’s.

I am seeing more camera models coming out of Infiray with the “V2” suffix so it would appear that Infiray is gradually moving its cameras onto that new core version. If the comments I am hearing about inferior performance from the V2 core are indeed true, buyers need to be careful which version they purchase. There are rumours that the “V2” is using a different chipset and possibly is a production cost reduced release. These are just rumours and not proven facts however. Does anyone here know more about this V1 vs V2 matter and whether it is true that V2 imaging is indeed worse than the older V1 release ?

Infiray have produced some half decent cores in the past and I hoped that they would build on that and release better performing new releases that addressed some of the issues present in the V1 cores. It would be a pity if they opted to just focus on reducing production cost and tolerated a decline in image quality as an acceptable consequence.

The XH09 is certainly an example of how far Infiray is willing to go in terms of compromising performance.

From memory the following well known models are being transitioned to “V2” cores now…..

T2 Pro

Likely others will follow.

Comments welcomed  :-+


Will definitely be interesting to hear about what you find, Fraser.

Sadly I have only read and heard the negative comments on the V2 camera cores and do not have any to test. At the moment, a V2 version of an Infiray product would be on my “one to avoid” list. I was fortunate to find a used T2 Pro at an excellent price recently and it is a V1. It is “as new” boxed with the handle and I have to admit that I like it.


Some quotes from RMHansen on his Discord Server. He is very familiar with the Infiray cores thanks to his efforts authoring decent software for them.

Quote 1.

"I have disabled the second range for the T2S+ in the software. The main reason is because the version 2 of the T2S+ has massive temperature drift, and its even worse in the 450C range (about 3 degree Celsius drift per sec). I dont know why infiray made the version 2 of the T2S+ with so much worse performance than the Version 1 of the camera series, but in the android app, they just subtract the error every sec to correct for the massive drift error over time. this is just accumulating the error until a calibration is done. a calibration is almost useless in the high range, because once a calibration has finished, the temperature has already drifted with about 1 degree C.

I have had a few people complaining about the temperature drift using the T2S+ V2, thinking that is was a software issue, when it is a problem with the new V2 series of cameras.

I hope that Infiray will soon make a better revisions of the new V2 series of the T2S+, that at least have the same performance as the Version 1. Until then, the max range for the T2S+ is just unusable and thats why i havent unlocked it in the software - for now..."

Quote 2.

"That the V2 versions of the T2 series are performing worse in every aspect in relation to the V1 versions."

Quote 3.

"Its a good camera. The version V2 of the camera is not as good as the V1, but its still fine."

Quote 4.

"The Names "_A, _B, _V2, _V, _B2, _A2" are all V2 series cameras."

Reading these comments from RMHansen led to me digging a bit deeper into the V2 model and its issues. I have not found a side by side test for the versions however. This could just be "teething troubles" with a new core ASIC or firmware.

For anyone wishing to visit the Discord Server of RMHansen, you will find it named "DIY Thermal Imaging" and its membership offers a useful environment to discuss all things Infiray related and, of course, the IRCam Thermal Viewer software. For info, RMHansen is in the process of moving his software onto his own server to resolve issues with hosting it on the Microsoft Store.


JOE 2345:
Can't wait to see more compared videos or post for it. :)


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