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Infiray X2

* Resolution: 256x192@12µm
* Refresh rate: 50Hz
* App: Thermal Eye X (gplay)
Got mine on Aliexpress in official store:

* store URL
* X2 TIC
My tests:
Compared to covid Hikvision


* Pretty unstable guy, don't buy from him
* Some random review
Image is pretty good (compared w/ Seek images i've seen on the forum or over the internet). I use it for bird hunting (no gun, just binos & my DSLR) and for PCB inscpections. Camera very sensitive i really like it. But the app is poor, full auto mode, you can change just the materials. Hope it will be changed in future (setup the temperature ranges etc).
Big issue: temperature values, mine display +7..+10°C more than should. Idk why, maybe due app or firmware. But i don't use it for measurements, just for the image. Also i can't fix it as is into handle, due they sent me handle w/ small soft pads.

Reviews on EEVblog:

* 2023-10-14@40days, nikitasius : post#35
* 2023-12-07@blargg: post#45

Looks like real name is XH09 and X2 just a sub-label due default x2 zoom.

Also folks say default zoom is x2 digital, some say optical.

Also this morning i just connected it to VLC under my debian and got this. I haven't good picture (just stop frames, but then i restarted VLC i got just GREY image). But whats interresting:
There are 25fps and 256x384 px. Is it have 384x256 bolometer? Or maybe firmware shots 256x192 on 50hz, sticks to chunks 256x192+256x192 = 256x384 and sending it at 25Hz rate?
From aliexpress: folks had issue, temp mode on old app had 9Hz, after being fixed temp mode display now 25Hz. Model have x2 name. So could it be 384x256 which is partially used to increase Hz?
Some flir cameras increase Hz when you decrease the image height so could it be 256x384 (this orientation) cut in a half?.. too many questions but no teardown yet.

UPD: 2023-09-05

> These cameras return a single image where the top 256x192 pixels represent a dynamically balanced grey scale image, and the bottom 256x192 represent the raw temperature data.

About P2 Pro

Could be captured via virtualdub under windows and gives that.

Lens is ~19mm giving an approximate X2 magnification over the standard T2 models, hence X2 nick name.

The camera software offers up to x15 digital zoom, hence confusion amongst some regarding optical of digital magnification.

The measurements accuracy should be as stated in the specifications. Any serious deviation from those specifications suggests a fault in the system, be it hardware or software.

About measurements.
They could solve it "quickly"


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