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I asked InfiRay and Seek Thermal what options they have for USB-C iPhones. Seek Thermal said they don't have anything at the moment (seems like a missed opportunity), but InfiRay said they're releasing a new model, XT300, around mid-October.

Anyone have any hints about this new model?

--- Quote ---I hope this email finds you well. This is Deryck from Xinfrared.

We have a model called XT300, which is the first universal model in the market that is compatible with both systems via type-c port.
The estimated release date will be around mid-October.
FYI, we used an interchangeable type-c connector module to make that happen.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Thank you for contacting Seek Thermal.

We value your interest in our Compact cameras. Our product development team is actively exploring compatibility options with the iPhone 15.
As of now, we do not have a camera that is compatible, but we recommend checking back soon for updates.

--- End quote ---

I just received one for testing (disclaimer: I met their booth rep at CES and he had them send me one for testing, so take anything I say with that in consideration!).

It is well built, but right now on my older iPhone 13 Pro, using the included Lightning plug (it has a nice little slot for swapping USB-C and Lightning, and the spare plug tucks away inside a little zippered case), I can't get it to work with any of the apps (Xtherm and Xinfrared)... I'm emailing them and seeing if it only supports USB-C iPhone 15 Pro for the time being.

Oh hi jeff! Did you see the XH15 at the booth too? I'm very interested in that unit 

Saw, but didn't test.

Also, to give an update on the response—I was told 'they're looking into it', and I still don't have a newer USB-C Android phone to test the Android version of the app on. Wish they used some kind of standard where you could also plug it into a Mac or Windows machine (or Linux, for that matter).

Just to provide another update (especially since this thread is one of the few references to the XT300 online!), the XT300 isn't yet supported in the Xinfrared app in North America, so I had to work with them to get a development build of the app.

It does work quite well—I believe with a 60 Hz refresh rate, and it has a relatively narrow FOV so it's less fitting for a wide area survey, and more for specific objects / closeup identification.

It's extremely clear, the focusing adjustment is easy, and as long as they improve the software a little more, I will be very happy with it. It seems like it's meant a little more for 'tactical' use — the app has a lot of features useful for hunters (e.g. bird / animal highlighting modes, an adjustable targeting reticle overlay... things like that).

But I'll be testing it more now that I can actually get it to work. Hopefully they can release it soon so the full app works fine.


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