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Infos on the handheld camera BOSCH Professional GTC 400 C

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I was lent a handheld thermal camera from BOSCH, this model.

BOSCH Professional GTC 400 C

I was quite impressed (i am, anyway, naturally easily impressed...  :D) by the performances from said device (close range indoor but also for monitoring a remote landscape), in term of contrast provided by the image.

I was wandering these two questions:

(1) what is the thermal core embedded inside? something proprietary developed by Bosch? something outsourced from Lepton, Flir, Seek, Raytheon, ... ?
(2) what are the characteristics of the optics from this device (F/D ? for instance)

In advance, thank you for sharing your knowledges and culture.

Best regards.


Bill W:
Better manual here:

Summary is a 160 x 120 sensor with 53° horizontal field of view.
At 1m, the pixels are 6mm square.

Nothing much to narrow down the imager core (lens F/L, frame rate etc), but no mention of export control in the manual so assume 9Hz especially as the manual has Farsi, Russian & Ukrainian sections !

It must be a Bosch specific product as it includes their 'Track my Tools', but the imager will surely be bought in.


Thank you Bill for your reply.  :-+

When i compare the fluidity of the images provided by my Indigo Omega A10 core (30Hz) and this Bosch camera, the frame rate from said camera is far below the one provided by the A10 core. I can follow someone, a cat, dog walking, but the lag is definitvely noticeable for my eyes.



I would expect to find a FLIR Lepton 3.5 core in that Bosch unit. <9fps is the best that you can expect from that core.


If anyone is interested, I did a bit of reverse engineering on the device communication and on the file format.

As a result, there is now a Python package for the tool (and potentialy further tools in the future):

By now, it can help you get the IR temperature matrix and a lot of metadata from the JPEG file and it can transfer images to your computer over the builtin WiFi (FTP is used behind the scenes...).

It can be installed via:

--- Code: ---pip install bsch
--- End code ---


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