Author Topic: Etekcity Lasergrip 630 vs 1022 vs 1080 vs 774 and other Etekcity models  (Read 9545 times)

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Maybe not quite thermal "imaging" but does anyone have any experience or insight you can share regarding these models or other Etekcity models?  The 630 looks pretty good but not sure if some of the other models might be better.  I tried the 774 and it seemed pretty good but maybe the models with adjustable emissivity are better?  My preliminary conclusion is that the 774 is a very good value for a relatively inexpensive IR thermometer and that for not a whole lot more the 630's adjustable  emissivity and dual lasers probably make it the next choice in the Etekcity line. 
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Re: Etekcity Lasergrip 630 vs 1022 vs 1080 vs 774 and other Etekcity models
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I see that this post is old... but maybe you still need an answer.  I have both the 630 and the 774. The 774 is almost half the size of the 630.
Temp accuracy is extremely close on both. The big decision is do you need the additional features of the 630.  The price difference was negligible. The 630 has dual lasers that are supposed to help with precise placement. I have not found them to be a huge advantage.
I rarely use the emissive states for particular materials, but that is a consideration if you need to make sure the temp is as it reads for a given heat source. There are many resources on the web. Search IR thermometers shortcomings and you will get both the good and the bad.
Also, in case you or other may not know, IR thermometers do not read things like soldering irons well, you need a contact probe to get accurate reading.

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