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Is Flir E4 best choice for my budget ?

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Hi all,

I am new to thermal imaging but since i can remember i always wanted to have such a device ;)
During the last week i read a lot about the devices, techniques and watched a lot of videos.
I tried out a Flir C2 for a few days because it was within my price range and fits in almost every pocket.
But after trying it out i think its not sufficient enough.

My budget is about up to 1000€ (i live in germany) maybe with a maximum at 1500€.
It would be mainly for playing around with it, beside of real use cases like inspection of doors, windows or basic checks of appliances, etc.
What i found great was the MSX feature on the C2 but the resolution of 80x60 is not enough in my opinion.
So i think the E4, tweaked to E8+ would be a good thing and best value for money.

Although i would like to have the capability to save video direct within the camera i guess this is a function out of range for me, right ?

Would you agree that there is nothing better than the E4 (E8+) a this time up to 1500€ ?


My opinion...

MSX is only needed with really low resolution cameras. At 80x60 it sure is necessary. But if you have 320x240 our higher resolution and good thermal sensitivity then you don't need MSX.

With 1500€ budget I would go for this Them-App bundle:
this wide lens:

Images produced with Them-App (384 x 288 resolution) are really nice and clear.

You can see a lot of images produced with Them-App here:

Thanks for your reply.
I already thought about a ThermApp, but...  i prefer to have a "one piece" solution...
And as i dont have an Android Phone, this would be additional cost.

If you want a single unit the Flir E4+ is a way to go...

I agree with Frenky's comments. The Therm App is a very nice camera. I bought faulty mobile phones to use with my FLIR One G2 Android. They often appear on eBay with either a SIM card fault or no phone connectivity. I paid only £25 for some as new Motorola Moto G units !

For an all in one solution, I cannot praise the E4 enough.... Provided it is upgraded to its full capability. As bought it has poor resolution and high noise levels thanks to FLIR's settings in the configuration files. I still consider the upgraded E4 to be the best complete solution for the money it costs.

The Therm App and Thermal Expert cameras use decent optics and microbolometers. For this reason I believe they have an advantage over the E4  and so should not be dismissed from your short list just because they need a mobile phone. Remember, the mobile phone just needs to work as a host and have operational Wi-Fi. The phone section is not needed. I am using a USA Verizon Moto G phone that cannot link to any UK network ..... It works great as a mini tablet and host for my F1G2.



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