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Is noise reduction in the latest version of the Seek Thermal Android app broken?


It seems that there's worse noise correction algorithm in the latest version. I mean noise should be expected in a fairly flat temperature environment (like 1 degree or less difference between any 2 points in the scene), but as long as there's a difference of at least a few degrees, it should be barely noticable. Yet I notice significant noise that I hadn't noticed before, when part of my body is in the frame. A hand or a foot in the foreground and a room temperature background is a temperature difference of several degrees, so noise should be minimal if visible at all. Yet I see significant noise in this situation, that I hadn't seen in earlier versions of the app. Has anybody else noticed this?

Tbh, I think that is just where Seek sucks. I will often experience what you are describing with Seek depending on a bunch of factors.
However, I haven't experienced any different imaging since the last update.


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