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ISG 2.4GHz RF Video Link Receiver and Monitor for thermal cameras

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Pictures of the Genie 5.8GHz video link set.

The receiver is fitted with an active (pre-amplified) patch aerial  :-+ That was a nice surprise.

This thread is becoming interesting again, as long as one can find these cheap, in working order and not too difficult to power.

It's worth bearing in mind that the 1394MHz allocation is too narrow for analogue colour - in fact, it's too narrow for full-bandwidth black & white 'PAL' video.

The rule of thumb for FM channel bandwidth requirement is peak deviation + (2 x highest modulating frequency)

So the 10MHz at 1394MHz is capable of supporting 3.5MHz video bandwidth with 3MHz peak deviation. (You can't reduce the deviation to, say, 1MHz and expect to get a decent picture, let alone increasing the video bandwidth to 4.5MHz; the maths is complex but take it from me...)

Thanks Ultrapurple.

It will be interesting to see how the 1394MHz video link performs. Life is full of compromises so the 1394MHz video link is likely no different  ;D

It is interesting to see that Marrell still supply 1394MHz FM video link equipment to the broadcast and film industry. It would appear that these links are often used on Steadicam assemblies but I think they are only for the local monitors (video assist) so maybe video image quality is not so important ?

The prices are a bit scary at £900 each for the transmitter and receiver !


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