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ISG 2.4GHz RF Video Link Receiver and Monitor for thermal cameras

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Something different from thermal imaging cameras from me, but still thermal camera related  :-+

Firefighting thermal camera manufacturers have been in the habit of offering users of thier equipment the option to relay thermal camera images from the front line user back to the command posts that is co-ordinating the operation. This offers situational awareness for the command team. This capability is used in both real fires, emergency sitations and during training, where the training instructor needs to monitor student use of the camera. The link from the thermal camera is normally RF based as long cables are a hindrance and impractical ! The Nature of the RF link varies but includes, Plain FM Video transmission, Robust Digital links and even Wi-Fi. The link may be 'in clear' or encrupted, as required by the user. Frequencies vary and are often dictated by regional licencing reguations. Common bands used are 1.3GHz and 2.4GHz. The transmitter is either built-in to the thermal camera or offered as a user installable external 'pod' that may be attched to the camera. Some transmitters are located in the optional handle or in a special battery pack.

I stumbled upon the receiver side of such an RF link that was produced by ISG for use with their thermal cameras and those of other manufacturers. The unit contains both the 2.4GHz receiver and a 3.5" colour TFT LCD monitor in order to provide a complete mobile monitoring solution. The unit does not have its own batteries and is powered from either 240V or a 12V vehice supply. A video output is provided for the use of a larger monitor, if desired. The receiver provides two user selectable channels and may be configured for PAL or NTSC. Inside the unit there are controls for brightness, contrast, video output level and image orientation.

As will be seen in the attached images, the unit is supplied to ISG by Rotronics UK and it is built to high standards. Black 'aviation' aluminium is used for the casing and this construction resembles other professional military and civilian equipment that I have used. The unit orignally cost around £2500.

An interesting design feature of this units monitor is that the LCD panel is angled for optimum viewing angle with the unit sat on its rear. The antenna socket is on the side but all other I/O and controls are mounted on the front as is not uncommon on equipment intended to be mounted in a bag or control panel.

I am currently sourcing a suitable transmitter to work with this receiver and thankfully such are relatively common as standard frequencies are used. Some ISG cameras come with such a transmitter built into them so it is worth checking.

The two RF link receiver frequencies are 2.454 GHz and 2.470 GHz



User manual pictures in case it is needed in the future by anyone  :-+

I have numerous transmitters that may well be suitable. I'll contact you direct.

use an off the shelf FPV/drone transmitter/receiver. Plenty of options available.

If you want really high end, get a TerraDeck, at which point a wifi solution might be better.

The transmitter that is used in ISG Elite cameras is the K&A VideoBlaster "VBLAST2400" and associated compact antenna PCB, as shown in the top right of the attached picture from a fellow forum member some time ago.

I attach the FCC approval images for interest.


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