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Has anyone used one of these? It's $300, evidently 320x240 (not sure if that's the sensor resolution or the output image resolution - spec sheet says "10800 pixels" but an Amazon reviewer says the images are 320x240). I'm curious if it's a Seek OEM sensor, if so that seems like a good price and I'd love to have something standalone even if the form factor is a little weird.

It uses a Wuhan Guide TIMO core with 120 x 90 pixels.

The Core Information is here…..

Chinese companies are producing some interesting new thermal cores for consumer and medical applications  :-+

InfIRay have their higher resolution Tiny1 series  :-+


Wuhan Guide have their own pocket camera design that uses the TIMO core. I prefer it in terms of case design……

Available here……

I found these Timo cores available from suppliers with USB carrier boards for around $250ish in 1-5 unit qty, might order a few to screw around with.

You might do better to buy the InfIRay S0. If you want miniaturisation they offer the Tiny1


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