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Leonardo DRS Infrared Tamarisk 320 software


Can anyone point me to the DRS camera control software? Or send it my way?

I found dead links to 1.8.34 and beta.

dennis1573: still has a copy of it here:

there are 2 versions of this control software, the EAR and the ITAR version.
If someone has a copy of the ITAR version, (he could share) please let me know...
I have a DRS UC640-17, that can only be controlled with the ITAR version...
i do have the ICD for this camera, so i can send commands to it manually
but the control software would be much better....

Thank you!!!!
I wish you good fortune, and am in your debt.

Is there a place to get firmware for the Tamarisk 320 as well? It looks like I need to upgrade to get the colorized digital output. The software is working great however.

Thank you again!


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