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Looking for software to interface an ISI Ir-Insight

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I've got a broken IrInsight from everyone's favorite online auction site, it works and has heavy sensor damage, but it will not access the menus, when powering on while holding the trigger it freezes instead of going to the menus.  for my purposes the sensor damage might not be a full dealbreaker, already had the thing apart and the onboard battery appears to not have corroded anything, it still even keeps time

modern smartview does not work
i think flexview will
sightview or sightview pro will definitely work

tried digging around web archive but can't find anything useful

I own an Infrared Systems Snapshot 525 camera and looked for the Sightview software some time ago. Sadly I have had no luck at all. Good luck in your search.
Think very carefully about keeping a thermal camera that has severe microbolometer damage. Prices of used cameras have dropped and there are some excellent deals available on eBay. A damaged microbolometer can really mess up a cameras auto ranging and hottest/coldest spot detection.

Sadly information and software for Infrared Solutions Inc products can be very hard to find these days.


If you don't have it i doubt i'm going to find it.
i'm not entirely convinced the sensor is actually damaged, the firmware is obviously corrupt and i think it's not applying the factory correction properly and reading some random data as the correction map.
I figured out a lot of the interface it's pretty intuitive
none of this is case sensitive
A - displays serial ack on the screen
S - Takes a snapshot and stores it in the camera
J[XX] - shows the info from stored picture XX in hex
L[XX] - downloads stored picture XX via xmodem, the resulting file is 160x120 monochrome bitmap that gimp will autodetect and open
O recalibrates
X averages 30 frames then pauses output on that frame
Z takes one frame and pauses output
U returns to normal processing
[ closes shutter
] opens shutter
( enables something called "FINE" no visible effect
) disables "FINE"
don't do this if you don't have menu access | changes palette but only through a range of fixed palettes with no way to get back to autoranging that i can find
Y - goes into viewer mode on the device's display
while in Y mode:
-N and P go to the next and previous images
-A shows all images in rapid sequence
-D i think it should delete the current image but freezes my camera

I tried fuzzing the rest of the possible codes but nothing else seems to respond

There is an IR Insight camera for sale in the USA on eBay. If you offer to make a donation to the sellers beer fund they might send you a copy of the files on the CD ? The seller is more likely to respond to such a request from a fellow American citizen.

Thank you for detailing the commands that you have found


found it


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