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Looking to buy a Qianli supercam x or similar thermal below 1000€

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Hello, Im Paul and this is my first post so bare with me.

I got into pcb repairs in my shed about a year ago and im now looking into getting a half decent thermal imager for diagnostic purposes. I dont think that I will benefit from a range above 100° C since I believe I will only be using it to look for shorts. Feel free to convince me otherwise. I considered a unit 260b but i would prefer a desktop solution like the flir ets320 at a lower price. Then I stubbled upon the qianli supercam x 3d, the qianli ircam2s and the IIT shot cam. I looked into it a lot but haven‘t been able to find any comparison between them or any other alternatives. I will be providing a link where they are all listed. Im happy to take any advise on other options aswell.

Thanks in advance and kind regards -Paul

You may wish to consider the Dianyang CA10 that I reviewed on this forum…..


This thread may also be of interest….


The CA10 is available through eBay sellers for around £625 so that falls within your budget  :-+

There is an enhanced CA20 model that uses a more advanced V2 software package. You would need to check with Dianyang Technology to see whether it is available yet and it’s cost.

Dianyang Technology (DYT) have a management presence on this forum which is very useful and good to see.


After some deliberation, I decided on buying a ca-10. Since there is no difference between sensors compared to the ca-20 besides some more r&d software features, I chose the easy route of ordering the ca-10 from fonefunshop. Mainly because there is no easy way of just ordering the ca-20 since the kickstarter campaign ended and I don't want to bother contacting dian yang to get my hands on one. I would love to see the ability to just order cams from Dian Yang directly in the future. Anyways, Huge thanks to @Fraser for helping me out.


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