Author Topic: Macro or normal lens, or Should I get the P2 Pro or a camera half the price?  (Read 1484 times)

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I've been planning to get a USB-C thermal camera for a while now, mostly just waiting for a good enough reason (or a good sale). With some of the new even cheaper thermal cams like the "Tooltop T7" and "T5", is the Infiray P2 Pro still worth it?

The P2 Pro seems to start around US$224 without or US$262 with a macro lens, while a Tooltop T5 (fixed macro) is US$146, and the T7 (normal lens) is US$127. Considering they all qualify for free shipping, this means I could get both the T5 and the T7 for practically the same price as a P2 Pro with lens! But of course it would be nicer to save half of that, so I'm wondering how usable a macro thermal camera is at somewhat longer distances (think 50cm or something)... Or if I should just try to get a macro lens and 3D print a little adapter for a non-macro camera?

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A 'fixed Macro' really means 'Set to focus quite close'.

If actually focused at 20cm, the depth of focus will be around +/- 2cm

So forget seeing anything past 30cm.

If you want both you either need an 'infinity set' camera and additional lens, or a fully focussable main lens which puts you in a different spend level

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Hey I have been looking at the P2 Pro Andoid on Amazon & I noticed something different...Different P2 Pros although they look the same except One P2 Pro $239 came out 21 Sept 2022 & has bad reviews...Then there is one that came out 23 Sept 2022 $349 but there's a $50 coupon & this one has the Matrix IV & seems to be sharper images. Also in the heading it says P2 Pro (T2 Pro).

I'm a newbie here & this is my first time buying a TIC & I have trying to read much info here. So with the discount & tax it's $314.85.
Wouldn't this one be the better of the 2? I thought I should mention they are not all the same.



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