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Mikron (NEC) compact thermal camera bargain.....


A fellow forum member is offering a Mikron Compact thermal camera for sale at a very reasonable price. It is in truth an NEC F30S 160 x 120 9fps manual focus thermal camera. It contains an excellent microbolometer. Well worth considering at $340. I have no connection to the sale but I do own four of these cameras !


Looks like an interesting product.

Do you happen to know a little about the optics? I saw that it has adjust focus down to 10cm, but what is the fov of the sensor?

Getting a new camera is something I thought about a while, I was eyeballing a Flir Scout TK I found for 495€ being sold from a Flir retailer as demo unit. I still hadn't had the time to understand the post processing it does and I am waiting on a response to try it before I make a decision.

Spec is here

FOV is 28 Degrees Horizontal x 21 Degrees Vertical

I think you may have missed it though.... someone have sent a PM to the seller.



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