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I have 3 thermal imaging cameras from Mikron that I am looking to sell.  They are:

1. Mikron M7640 640x480 thermal imaging camera - excellent condition
2. Mikron M7600 320x240 thermal imaging camera - very good condition
3. Mikron Mikroshot 160x120 thermal imaging camera - brand new

If interested, please let me know.  I have been a long time user of Mikron and find them reliable.


For the benefit of potential buyers, many (all?) of the Mikron thermal cameras are in fact the very high quality products of NEC AVIO, Japan. NEC AVIO make superb professional use cameras that are the equals of FLIRs similar offerings. I own several NEC AVIO and Mikron thermal cameras. Mikron just rebadge them as their products to suit their specialist consumer base.

I own four of the diminutive Mikron Mikroshot compact thermal cameras. Very neat and with manual focus to a decent close-up distance. The lens may also be set for focus free use of more distant objects such as buildings and roofs etc.

If I had the cash I would pursue the first two cameras but sadly they are out of my financial reach since retiring :(. Good cameras though. They are industrial grade so do not compare the. Or their cost to the likes of the FLIR Ex, Exx series etc. Completely different realms.


There's an InterNACHI user who had a bad experience, although that was several years ago:

Just putting that out there.

The reference to the flip up screen makes me think it's the gun shaped model. I never did like the look of it.... Cheap and plasticky comes to mind.

The NEC AVIO cameras that I have were also available under the Mikron brand and are made in Japan with Boeing microbolometers. I still prefer my FLIR PM5xx and 6xx series cameras though.



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