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Mustool MT13S 2 In 1 192*192 Thermal Imager Multimeter


It's recent, what can you tell me about this, has anyone bought it?

I'm curious about this one too, mostly because the resolution of 192x192 is pretty good for the price (CA$220).  There are a couple of youtube "reviews" of it, but without too much useful information.  The DMM functions seem a bit weak.  It seems to identify as mass storage when connected to a computer and images can be sucked out of it.  It looks like maybe a specific viewer software might have to be used to make sense of those though, or obtain a simple photo.

I don't see mention of the sensor type/manufacturer.  I wonder if these are 256x192 sensors that are rejected for a defect outside the 192x192 area.  That would help explain the comparatively cheap price.

It would be nice if it could be a live motion camera and allow video to be captured, but no info if this is possible.  Ideally it could be connected to a mobile phone and allow images and video to be transferred -- no one seems to have investigated this that I can find.

What we can see in the youtubes is that the frame rate to the main display looks pretty good and the resolution appears to be there.  The lens could benefit from a macro adapter, but there is no easy point to clip/attach one without clipping over the whole unit.  One guy takes it apart, but doesn't really look too closely at the important bits.  You can see that the main chips have their markings ground off.


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