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The camera algorithm locks the color palette to the manual selected range of temperatures only if the temperatures range of the image includes the manual selected range (the typical use of this function responds to the need to enhance the contrast of a small part of the image).

Therefore, in your case, to have the same color/temp reference for any of the two images you have posted, the manual range you have to set should be 17.2 - 25.2 degrees centigrade.

If the max of the image is below the max of the setted range and/or the min of the image is above the min of the setted range, the camera algorithm compresses part of the color palette in order to enhance the contrast of the image. This behaviour, on the one hand is positive as it enhances the temperature differences that would otherwise not be visible, on the other hand it is negative as it does not allow comparisons between different scenarios (as you rightly observed...)

To summarize, currently, the locking of the color palette to the manually setted temperature range is only partial.
Personally I believe that this behavior responds to a specific design choice rather than a firmware bug.

For particular needs such as the one you have explained, you could ask the manufacturer to include in the menu the possibility of activating (as an option) the full lock of the color palette.

At the time, I struggled quite a bit to get the bug relating to the set humidity corrected and on several occasions I also asked to include the possibility of removing the "fusion" effect from PIP images, without any success...

Does anyone have any info about the built-in webserver of this device? I see ports 80 and 443 open (in addition to 554 and 8000) but all I get is a redirect to "/index.asp?randnum=XXXXXX" - which then gives a 404 error... Is this just some weird leftover or is there something that can be done with that?

Oh and... port 554 appears to be RTSP, does anyone know the RTSP path?

EDIT: I did some digging.

The API is at http://<deviceIP>/ISAPI/

You need a session ID which you can get via a request to /ISAPI/Security/sessionLogin/capabilities?username=admin&random=10030310

You can get the RTSP stream at rtsp://<deviceIP>:554/Thermal/Channels/2/ for example, but it's not plain RTSP apparently and won't play in VLC directly - you only get the first frame of the normal camera.

You can set the stream parameters by sending an XML like this:

PUT /ISAPI/Thermal/channels/2/thermometry/basicParam

--- Code: ---<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ThermometryBasicParam version="2.0">
--- End code ---

When you first connect to the device in Hikmicro Studio you can set a password. I haven't checked how the flow of that works, but I did notice that vlc asked me for username and password after that when I tried connecting to RTSP. The official documentation on their ISAPI is only available to approved partner companies.

The default username and password is:
admin / HMsc2020

You can enable SSH (don't get too excited, it is a very limited psh shell) using:

--- Code: ---curl -X PUT -v --digest -u admin:HMsc2020 "http://<IPADDRESS>/ISAPI/System/Network/ssh" -d "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?><SSH><enabled>true</enabled></SSH>"
--- End code ---

There are a lot of options you can play with via the ISAPI interface, and there are a lot of PDF files describing commands online. Streaming the visual camera to VLC via RTSP works if you use rtsp://admin:HMsc2020@<ipaddress>.

I am sure there is a specific URL that will work for the thermal as well, but haven't played with that much yet.


For the screen view including thermal:


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