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I have a 6 year old Flir E4 which i succesfully hacked to the E8 specs and features and its a quite good device especially for the price.
Usually i use it to look for isolation of walls and windows...  heating pipes or electrical stuff.
And of course just for fun :)

But there are some things i dont like, for example the size which does not fit in a pocket, lack of video recording and the limit to display at only 9 Hz.

So i was looking for an alternative and tested a HTI HT-301 and had in mind the Flir C5.
The HT-301 delivers some good images but i didnt like the handling of the camera/smartphone combo and the manual focus.
Also the software was okay but had it quirks.
The C5 otherwise is pocketable but also lacks video recording, has a low resolution and also 9 Hz limitation.

Then i found out about the Hikmicro Pocket 2.
Its also pocket size (14 x 8.5 x 2 cm), has a 256x192 sensor with NETD < 40 mK, wide field of view (50° x 37°), has a 3.5" touchscreen, 16GB internal storage and has builtin WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz) and Bluetooth (Audio only).
It can record video with 25 Hz and audio.

I received it last week and all i can say is that it is exactly what i was looking for.
The startup time is about 10 seconds, the display has good colors and brightness.
The menus are intuitive and there are a lot of settings. It has an optical camera with fusion display and configurable distance between 30cm and 3m and above. There is also a macro mode but i couldnt see any benefits using it.
The software for Android (Hikmicro Viewer) is also very good and stable.
Its possible to remote control the camera via WiFi, transfer the images and videos and its possible to edit the images afterwards and change everything from color palette to emissivity and set new measurement points, etc.

Overall i am very happy with the camera  :-+

I was not able to put the images between the text, is that possible ?
The images show the camera itself, electric kettle, mug before and after editing, the pulldown menu and display with all overlayed info enabled and disabled.

Looks great! What did you pay for it? And where?

It was about 650 Euros at a german dealership.

That looks to be a neat little camera. Thank you for sharing your experiences with it  :-+


can you post some pictures comparing e4(8) and this thingy? their fov is almost identical


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