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Need some help with FlirOneSDK sample app

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--- Quote from: tomas123 on April 01, 2016, 08:07:50 am ---you can download the free SDK after an email registration and self compile the source code

I posted some source code modifications in this thread:

--- End quote ---

I hope you will be able to fix these bugs for me, and then post the re-compiled APK file for download (not just link to the fixed source code), as I don't even know how to program for Android. You'll need more than the FLIR One SDK. You'll also need the Android SDK (also called ADK) from Google, and the Android SDK requires Java SDK (also called JDK). I actually uninstalled ADK and JDK from my harddrive a few months ago, after trying and failing to figure out how to even use ADK. The graphical interface of ADK itself is NOT AT ALL user friendly. It was a pain in the neck just to figure out how to add a button to the interface. It was a pain in the neck just figuring out where the "compile" button was to actually compile the program. I NEVER could figure out how to get it to compile in "release" mode, so I had to compile in "debug" mode in order to generate the APK file. And at the end of the day, I still just had an app that had a button that I could push, that did NOTHING. I don't think I'm ever going to try to program for Android again. It's just too hard.

I know very little when it comes to programming in pure Java. I know even LESS when it comes to programming for Android. And I suspect I will need to become a MASTER Java programmer before I even TOUCH Android programming. Obviously 2 MAJOR obstacles that must be overcome, before I even THINK about trying to write programs for the FLIR One device.

Fortunately you seem to have already mastered all of the needed skills, as you were able to successfully compile the FLIR One SDK sample app originally (with all the bugs in tact), and also seem to have modified the source at one point (but not recompiled the modified version). This is why I'm coming to you, and asking you to fix the bugs in that app, and post a download link to the APK for the fixed version of the app.

I'm sure, if you can write this code
then you are also able to compile the SDK sample (there are no java code changes necessary) :)


--- Quote from: tomas123 on April 03, 2016, 04:33:05 pm ---I'm sure, if you can write this code
then you are also able to compile the SDK sample (there are no java code changes necessary) :)

--- End quote ---

I wrote my FFF viewer in Visual Basic 6. I've been using that for YEARS. I could probably write software in my sleep, using VB6. I've NEVER written an actual working app for Android. Last time I tried, it was like PULLING TEETH just to add a button and text box to a form, and make it print the text "hello world" in a text box.

Now if some third party manages to make their own Android IDE that behaves identically to VB6 (has the same look-and-feel) and allows compiling apps for Android, I might try that, but right now, though I have reinstalled Android Studio for the sole purpose of compiling the FLIR One SDK sample app, I have very little confidence that I will even be able to get that app to compile correctly. Give me a VB6 style IDE that compiles Android stuff though, and it should be a LOT easier.

After several hours working on it, I FINALLY added most of the features I wanted to the FLIR One sample app, but there's a couple I still need to add:
make the images be rotated based on orientation of the phone
allow the app to be the default app for the FLIR One device (add it to the list of suggested defaults that pops up when you first plug in your FLIR One)

What method do I call to  detect the phone's orientation in Android language?
How do I configure an app so that it appears in the list of suggested default apps when you first plug in your FLIR One?

I think, there is a better forum for your questions about the SDK:


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